Virage, Inc. announced the latest release of VS News Monitoring, a real-time monitoring and content management solution to automatically track content for time sensitive, strategically significant events. VS News Monitoring helps organizations and government agencies to automatically digitize, categorize, centrally manage, alert and distribute vast collections of news content. With this solution, organizations can process large volumes of content and provide users or analysts up-to-the-minute access and information right at the desktop. In addition, the solution automates the processing and categorizing of the original footage. The solution now manages all forms of unstructured content from the point of ingestion through real-time content access. Powered by Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), video and rich media are now integrated at the center of other content types and compatible with existing systems. IDOL Server capabilities include automated retrieval, hyperlinking, categorization, alerting, profiling, clustering and personalization.,