Plumtree Software and BackWeb Technologies announced that Plumtree will resell BackWeb’s Offline Access Server, giving mobile Enterprise Web users access to applications and content when those users are disconnected from the network. Plumtree will resell a Standard Edition of the BackWeb Offline Access Server with support for the entire Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite; this functionality extends offline access to the Plumtree Corporate Portal, Plumtree Content Server and Plumtree Collaboration Server, Microsoft Office integration portlets and portlets created using Plumtree Studio Server. Plumtree will also resell an Enterprise Edition of BackWeb’s Offline Access Server which includes the added capability to offline enable Plumtree’s Integration Products, custom portlets, and 3rd party portlets. Users of the offline features can subscribe to specific portlets, content or applications for offline access ensuring that only the selected content will be downloaded when the user logs off the network. BackWeb’s Offline Access Server is built to support the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5, 4.5WS and 5.0, Collaboration Server 3.0, Content Server 5.0, and Studio Server 2.0.,