Hummingbird Ltd. announced a technology alliance with Ricoh Corporation. Hummingbird’s relationship with Ricoh extends Hummingbird Enterprise solutions to provide the ability to capture, manage and share scanned documents and photographic images across the enterprise, from multiple sources to a single repository. The Hummingbird and Ricoh technology alliance introduces two distinct applications: Ricoh GlobalScan document scanning software linked to the Hummingbird DM system; and a new geo-imaging solution integrating Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI with the Ricoh GPS-enabled digital camera. Ricoh GlobalScan software, combined with Ricoh Aficio multi-function products (MFPs), can link to the Hummingbird DM system allowing users to scan and index documents into Hummingbird document management repositories directly from the touch-screen panel of the Ricoh Aficio MFPs. With Ricoh’s GlobalScan software architecture all information such as indexes, database information and file types are displayed and accessed easily through the Aficio MFPs front panel.,