Click2learn in conjunction with partner Recombo announced the availability of a new library of “Aspen-Ready” content developed to run through Click2learn’s Aspen Enterprise Productivity Suite without customization or integration. Housed on Recombo’s Aspen-specific Web site, the catalog of more than 3000 “Aspen-ready” courses and other learning resources is drawn from third-party content providers and spans a range of subject matter, including software training, business skills, regulation compliance and certification, as well as content relevant to specific vertical industries. To ensure that third-party content will be immediately interoperable with Aspen when it reaches Click2learn’s customers, Recombo has installed Aspen in its content integration lab and has developed tools and processes for accelerating content integration. The resulting content catalogs are mapped to Aspen’s descriptions of learner paths and competency requirements and tailored to the needs of specific industries. In addition to their ongoing content partnership, Click2Learn and Recombo share a common commitment to promoting the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM).,