Verity Inc. announced the release of its Verity KeyView Software Development Kits (SDKs) targeted for integration with enterprise applications. The SDKs provide users access to a wide range of intellectual capital in 295 file formats and more than 70 languages. By applying an XML vocabulary to the data structures in documents, KeyView Export makes it possible to index and search content and metadata in context. Verity KeyView Export can also automatically convert documents to HTML. The Verity KeyView Filter SDK lets applications filter and extract text from multiple formats on a wide variety of platforms. KeyView Filter automatically recognizes file types and applies the correct filter without relying on filename extensions. For proprietary file formats not directly supported, the KeyView Filter SDK also provides customers the flexibility to quickly build custom filters to meet their unique business requirements. The SDK’s threadsafe process design eliminates the need to queue multiple documents for sequential filtering, allowing multiple documents to be filtered simultaneously.