Traction Software, Inc. announced the release of Traction TeamPage Release 3.0. Release 3.0. New features include: internationalization, enterprise authentication, a new extensible framework for user interface customization and branding, enterprise search engine compatibility, and enhanced support for standards. The new release of Traction’s Instant Publisher Client adds round-trip WYSIWYG editing as well as integrated one-click publishing from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer using a new .NET architecture. A preview edition of Traction 3.0 is immediately available, with delivery of a final edition in December 2003. Traction TeamPage 3.0 workgroup pricing starts at $4,995 per server. A personal edition Traction Communicator sells for $249. Traction 3.0 is free to all Traction Customers entitled to receive software updates. Traction also announced partnerships with Applied Knowledge Co, Ltd of Japan (AKJ), and Netcore Solutions Pvt, Ltd. of,