P.H. Brink International, a provider of language solutions, was selected by Progressive Information Technologies to be included in their Vasont Important Partner (VIP) Program. This alliance will combine P.H. Brink’s automated workflow system, Otto, with Vasont’s content management features and functionality to provide an integrated solution for managing content translation and localization for multilingual publishing in global organizations. Vasont is a content management system for cross-media publishing that centralizes and manages content for multilingual technical documentation, user’s guides, and other publications. Vasont’s integration with P.H. Brink’s Otto allows companies to automatically evaluate and reuse previously translated content. Vasont routes only the new content through P.H. Brink’s ISO 9001:2000 certified process, where it is translated. The newly translated content is automatically returned to Vasont where it is managed and ultimately delivered to multiple publications in various formats (e.g., print, CD, Web). www.vasont.com, www.phbrink.com