Xyleme and Inxight Software Inc. announced that they have signed an OEM deal and a VAR agreement. Xyleme will integrate Inxight’s LinguistX product into its XML repository and will distribute both Inxight ThingFinder and Inxight Summarizer. The integration of Inxight LinguistX with Xyleme Zone Server allows a technical evolution to the Xyleme solution. The new edition will take the name Xyleme Zone Server Lx, referencing the linguistic functionality made possible by integrating Inxight software. Integrating Inxight LinguistX has reduces the size of the index by about 20%, improves response precision for selected complex queries, and provides support for an extended collection of natural languages. In addition to English and French managed by the Xyleme Zone Server Classic edition, Xyleme Zone Server Lx will be able to manage Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. Inxight and Xyleme also reached an agreement that will allow Xyleme to distribute Inxight ThingFinder and Inxight Summarizer. www.xyleme.com, www.inxight.com