Xerox Corporation unveiled DocuShare 3.1. The new software components include two add-on modules that make it easier for end users to share information. Built on the Dralasoft Workflow engine, the Enterprise Workflow add-on component extends DocuShare’s core document approval and routing capabilities. For Web collaboration on team projects and documents, DocuShare users can integrate DocuShare Interact an add-on built on Sparrow Web technology developed at Palo Alto Research Center. DocuShare Interact allows people to create shared, collaborative Web pages for project management, reports, calendars, meetings, to-do lists, blogs, and other types of group work that needs to be published and updated on the Web. In addition, the DocuShare Developer Environment enables further development and customization of DocuShare solutions. The entry-level U.S. list price for a complete DocuShare system with 10 seats is $4,045 and a 100-seat system is $9,995. Existing DocuShare 3.0 customers with a support agreement can upgrade to DocuShare 3.1 at no charge. DocuShare 3.1, DocuShare Interact, DocuShare Enterprise Workflow and DocuShare Developer Environment will be available beginning Oct. 15.