NextPage Inc. announced the launch of NXT 4, a publishing suite for publishers and corporations to secure and deliver information on the Internet, to corporate intranets and on CD/DVD. New NXT 4 is designed for commercial publishers that provide content on the Web or through other electronic media, and for publishers of corporate reference libraries that deliver information critical for decision making to employees and clients. New license management features in NXT 4 allow publishers to apply secure license rights to content delivered on CD and to corporate intranets. Corporations that need to deliver business-critical information to end users, such as auditors, insurance underwriters or other frontline service professionals, can use NXT 4 to reduce risk of noncompliance with features such as a user interface designed for researchers, incremental updates and content networking with other offices and commercial publishers. Corporations can use NXT 4 in applications such as auditor’s reference libraries, help desk knowledgebases and electronic policy and procedure manuals. NXT 4 is scheduled to ship Sept. 30, 2003.