iUpload has simplified the integration of e-marketing, surveys and analytics with content management through the iUpload Dashboard. This new interface makes modules of the iUpload Application Suite accessible through one interface. Content Manager version 4.1 also contains a “cloning” feature that allows replication of an architecture any set of folders, pages and templates for reuse. The cloning feature exploits “wrappers” or templates that are optimized so that there is just one file with all navigational labels and content areas on the site to edit or translate. Version 4.1 includes new tags and attributes; and new fields exist for recommended page keywords, allowing authors to classify content that will provide integration with Site Search and Analytics Modules, and language classifications for multilingual applications. A new Macromedia Dreamweaver extension supports all iUpload tags and attributes. Existing iUpload subscribers gain access to the iUpload Dashboard and other enhancements in iUpload Content Manager version 4.1 automatically and at no additional cost. www.iupload.com