EasyAsk announced EasyAsk Enterprise 9, a platform for unifying all forms of enterprise content and enabling information access across commerce, service and decision support activities. EasyAsk Enterprise 9 delivers information quickly, regardless of format or location. Users can be guided through dynamic navigation, or they may use an advanced natural-language interface to go directly to the content they seek. EasyAsk Enterprise 9 offers three different components. EasyAsk Decision Advisor provides enterprises with an internal solution for harnessing real-time information from multiple sources. It provides novice to expert business users access to information contained within and reports generated from BI platforms. EasyAsk Service Advisor facilitates a variety of enterprise information access for customer self service and call centers and within enterprise portals. For online B2C commerce and catalog merchants and B2B manufacturers and distributors, EasyAsk Commerce Advisor enables their customers to quickly find and browse through merchandise and catalogs that meet their specific criteria. www.easyask.com