Antarctica Systems Inc. announced the availability of version 4.0 of its Visual Net (VN) software. Visual Net’s map-based visual displays convey the relevant, meaningful content that business users need. The improvements in Visual Net 4.0 are aimed at changing the user focus from dealing with the complexities of constructing complex queries to dealing with key business issues. The VN maps display all the complexities inherent in real business issues, showing multiple dimensions of both macro and micro data. This enables users to have a complete view of their business problems. Visual Net 4.0 has built in more interactivity, allowing users at all levels of the organization to manipulate and filter data to customize the information on the maps, giving users more flexibility in what they see. Visual Net is now equally adept at visualizing three types of information: numeric, textual and geographic – either individually or in combination. Visual Net 4.0 is available immediately.