JDA Software Group Inc. announced that it has acquired substantially all of the remaining assets of Engage Inc. for $3.0 million in cash. Using Engage’s digital asset management and ad layout capabilities, JDA clients will be able to produce localized customer communications in less time and at reduced costs. As the successful bidder in a Chapter 11 auction, JDA gained all intellectual property for Engage’s four current product lines that target retailers, agencies, newspapers and corporations as well as all equipment. JDA expects to spend up to an additional $800,000 for assumed liabilities, which will bring the total cost of the Engage acquisition to approximately $3.8 million. JDA has extended employment offers to approximately 30 former Engage sales, development, services and support associates. JDA will close Engage’s headquarters in Andover, Mass., and establish a more appropriately configured office in the nearby area. For the nine months ended April 30, 2003, Engage’s total unaudited revenues were $8.2 million, which included $2.3 million in software licenses, $3.1 million in maintenance revenue and $2.8 million in services revenue. www.jda.com