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Day: June 22, 2003

Axonwave Updates Content Intelligence System

Axonwave Software announced the release of version 3.0 of its content intelligence software. The Axonwave Content Intelligence System (CIS) performs advanced information retrieval and analysis by locating precise and accurate information based on context and meaning, regardless of the type of document. Axonwave CIS can analyze massive volumes of unstructured information (MS Office documents, email, PDF, intranet content, etc.) according to user-defined natural language concepts, perform sophisticated content analysis, and present the information in a variety of dimensional views for extrapolating explicit and inferred information trends and correlations. Axonwave CIS gives users access to remote and inaccessible information that is stored across enterprise information repositories, including content management or document management systems, enterprise information portals, shared or local drives, or newsfeeds. Axonwave CIS also enables companies to monitor disparate information sources, and to take appropriate business action based on a precise analysis of information trends.

DMSi Announces Availability of X2XL Beta

Document Management Solutions, Inc. announced the beta release of X2XL, a program designed to convert tables adhering to the OASIS XML Exchange model, based on the CALS table model, to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. X2XL provides an easy-to-use GUI that guides the user through the setup process, defining userspecific markup used within the OASIS model to identify style information such as bold, italic, superscript and subscript, as well as any specific fonts and ruling requirements. The application can be run in the background for batch processing of hundreds of tables, or interactively on the desktop using point and click to process individual tables. Built on Java, X2XL runs on both Windows and Unix platforms, and works with Excel ’97, 2000, or 2002.

ZyLAB Launches Public Sector Organization & ZyIMAGE 5.0

ZyLAB announced the formation of a dedicated public sector business unit to sell Federal and State & Local customers the company’s Records Management & Archival Solution (RM&A) – ZyIMAGE. ZyLAB also announced the immediate availability of ZyIMAGE 5.0. ZyIMAGE 5.0 offers government organizations with an XML framework for storage and integration and is DoD 5015.2 compliant. This solution offers new “add-on” capabilities to support the specific requirements of security, intelligence, law enforcement, and legal users. Features of ZyIMAGE 5.0 include: XML framework for storage and integration, support for over 90 languages, full color and gray scale support, higher quality OCR engine, and 64-bit indexing.

Verity Releases K2E 5.0

Verity Inc. announced the availability of release 5.0 of its Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) software. The latest version includes features and functions designed to better allow enterprises to create or expand intellectual capital management systems that match their global scale and scope. Verity K2E 5.0’s new multi-domain feature lets users from multiple organizations conduct authorized searches in each other’s content repositories. Connections between different K2E-based intellectual management systems can now be achieved with full security, presenting the knowledge bases of numerous repositories via a single access point. A more powerful recommendation engine now suggests individual documents, similar users’ queries, categories of documents as well as experts, communities of interest and other user-defined elements. When deployed with the Verity Federator, this extended social networking engine enables recommendation of documents even if they are beyond the content indexed by Verity K2E. Users can now create and share their own taxonomies, participate actively in the enhancement of their organizations’ taxonomies, and have the engine to automatically analyze and recommend related categories. K2E supports document-level security based on integration with identity management and single sign-on solutions from IBM, Netegrity, Oblix and RSA Security.

Interwoven Announces ContentProvider for IBM DB2 Content Manager

Interwoven, Inc. announced the general availability of Interwoven’s new ContentProvider for IBM DB2 Content Manager, which allows customers to discover and utilize operational content, workgroup documents, and rich media stored in IBM DB2 Content Manager. ContentProvider also gives customers the ability to publish these same asset types from Interwoven TeamSite into IBM DB2 Content Manager for archiving and storage. Interwoven ContentProvider for IBM DB2 Content Manager, used in conjunction with Interwoven TeamSite Content Server software, gives customers a single interface that allows content integration and federated searching capabilities across the enterprise regardless of where the content is stored. The new offering enables users to create, classify, transform, approve, and publish any enterprise asset from Interwoven TeamSite into IBM DB2 Content Manager. Using Interwoven ContentProvider Integration Server, based on technology from Venetica, users can search, browse, and aggregate content such as images, documents, and HTML pages from within the TeamSite software environment, and in repositories from Documentum, FileNET, Lotus, OpenText, and now IBM DB2 CM.

Sirsi to OEM Convera’s RetrievalWare

Convera and Sirsi announced that Sirsi is enhancing the search and retrieval capabilities of its Hyperion Digital Media Archive offering by integrating the product with Convera’s RetrievalWare technology. As a result, Hyperion now offers users the ability to perform full text searches in multiple languages across multiple data types. Sirsi’s Hyperion Digital Media Archive system provides librarians with a way to store, organize, and access their library’s or archive’s non-book holdings. With Hyperion, users can access and view full digital images of a librarys collection (documents, maps, photographs, multimedia clips, etc.) from anywhere via the Internet. By embedding Convera’s RetrievalWare, the Hyperion Digital Archive is strengthened in the following areas: enhanced search functionality, multilingual and cross-lingual searching, and scalability.,

Tridion R5 certified for SAP Enterprise Portal

Tridion has received certification from SAP for two ‘iViews’ developed from its Enterprise Content Management System, Tridion R5. iViews enable SAP customers to extend the reach of their enterprise portal to include any available information resource. Tridion R5 Edit iView 5.0 and Tridion R5 Content Display iView 5.0 have been created to integrate with SAP Enterprise Portal. This will provide users with single sign-on and personalised portal views.

PureEdge Integrates with IBM DB2 Content Manager

PureEdge Solutions Inc. announced it has integrated the IBM DB2 Content Manager with PureEdge’s business process automation framework. This strategic integration provides organizations with the tools required to automate complex business processes. The delivery of this new offering comes as part of PureEdge’s business process automation framework, which is composed of products, partnerships, and services to create, manage and deploy XML forms-based processes. PureEdge technology is based on document-centric, XML-based architecture to provide organizations with the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of each business process, including creation, routing, management and archiving. Users have the ability to digitally sign documents, use both adhoc and structured routing, work remotely, move data in and out of corporate systems and store all elements of a process in one secure file. The PureEdge Integration Development Kit for IBM DB2 Content Manager will be available on June 30, directly through PureEdge or selected strategic partners.

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