Software AG, Inc. unveiled its XML Enablement capability for federal government agencies, a group of services, products and best practices that uses XML and Web Services to build “views” of information from disparate enterprise sources. These views are placed as XML documents into an Enterprise Metadata Repository (EMR) where users can request views using HTTP. Users can then retrieve the information itself from various sources as HTML or XML documents for secure publishing to internal and external systems. Software AG’s XML Enablement capability supports four core processes that help agencies manage information better: Enterprise Metadata Repository, Data Services, Composition and Publishing. At the core of Software AG’s XML Enablement capability is the EMR, which includes a cross-platform data dictionary and enables users to store, query and annotate information from disparate systems. Compliant with both Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) and UDDI, the EMR uses commercial off-the-shelf authoring and developing tools and supports enterprise capabilities such as versioning, check-in/check-out and impact analysis. The EMR allows users to define processes for creating new documents, and then composes the documents automatically in XML or HTML by drawing data and content from various sources. Completed documents are stored in WebDAV compliant folders.