The Apache Lenya development community announced the first stable release of Apache Lenya. Apache Lenya is a Java Open-Source Content Management System based on XML and XSLT and the Apache Software Stack. Its XML-centric architecture allows for content delivery targeted to the capabilities of the devices of today and tomorrow, and avoids data lock-in. Apache Lenya is built around off-the-shelf components from the Apache Software Foundation, which are familiar to thousands of technologists, and are documented extensively in dozens of books. Apache Lenya comes with Revision Control, Scheduling, a built-in Search Engine, seperate Staging Areas, and Workflow. Apache Lenya uses XML throughout. Features include a browser-based WYSIWYG Editors that validate input against a W3C XML Schema, and a publication concept that allows reuse of the information architecture of a site and brings modularity to the content level. This release of Apache Lenya is a refactored version of the codebase that has been in production for nearly three years. Wyona Ltd donated the Apache Lenya codebase (formerly known as Wyona CMS) to the Apache Software Foundation in March 2003.