Palstar Document Management and Language Engineering announced the release of her latest software tool RevXml. RevXML is a tool for cost-effective comparison of XML content (books, manuals, legal text or regulations etc), with many options for selection. The tool tracks all changes between two XML documents or data. It takes into account the tree structure of the document, the attributes and the text in between the XML-tags. The basic unit of a text may be a character, a word, a sentence or the complete text in between two tags. The software generates revision markers (indicating addition, deletion and change) in the revised document, which themselves take the form of additional XML tags or arbitrary strings to be defined by the user. The enriched revised document is meant to be further processed by XML based systems. No DTD is required. Essentially, the tool operates on any tree-structured or flat file, including XML, XHTML and SGML files. The value of attributes may play a role in the decision to compare two elements. RevXml functions as “middleware” and is an embeddable technology. For instance, an XML Editor may use it to visualize the revisions between two XML documents. A Document Management System will be able to store the deltas and a Publishing System may generate exact revision bars.