Interwoven, Inc. has released a developer suite that enables developers to build and deploy Web-based applications in an integrated, dynamic development environment. Interwoven Developer Suite provides developers with standards-based tools for customization of the Interwoven platform along with Interwoven TeamCode software, a tool for integration and release of code and content-based applications. TeamCode provides the process-based workflows to manage the release of code and content throughout the lifecycle of the application. The code can originate from a traditional source code management (SCM) system, enabling developers to continue to use their tool of choice, and then be integrated with the content and released using TeamCode. Organizations that don’t use an SCM system can version control and manage both application code and content with Interwoven. ContentServices SDK 1.1 is Interwoven’s SOAP/XML interface designed to enable portlet developers to embed Interwoven content management and publishing capabilities directly into portlets running in IBM, BEA, SAP, Plumtree. The Interwoven Developer Suite is available immediately.