WebWare Corporation announced the introduction of WebWare ActiveMedia Access, an enterprise-ready digital asset management system for under $50,000. ActiveMedia Access is engineered for the enterprise but designed for the needs of the workgroup. It enables enterprise workgroups, creative agencies, video post-production facilities, and similar environments to create a digital library for rich media: key graphics, layouts, illustrations, slide presentations, and video. ActiveMedia Access is built on the web services-based ActiveMedia 4 content management engine. ActiveMedia Access lets project managers assign sophisticated business rules to a company’s digital assets at the workgroup level without the need for database administrators or outside professional services. It also allows authorized users to access, approve, track, audit, and transform product and marketing content instantly and securely over the Internet. ActiveMedia Access runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 and SQL Server, or Sun Solaris. It is available as both an installed software solution or a fully hosted service. www.webwarecorp.com