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Hummingbird Acquires Key Automation/Dispro

Hummingbird Ltd. announced the acquisition of Key Automation Nederland B.V. and its affiliate Dispro B.V. (herein referred to as “Key Automation/Dispro”) privately held distributors and integrators of document management solutions in the Netherlands and Benelux. Key Automation/Dispro are long standing Hummingbird partners in the deployment and integration of Hummingbird products. While their expertise spans multiple industries, Key Automation/Dispro is mostly recognized in the government sector for document, records and correspondence management solutions. Key Automation/Dispro provide product integration, deployment, implementation and educational services that deliver single source point of support to manage the entire life cycle associated with enterprise information management solutions.

Artesia Integrates Diamonsoft’s Font Sense

DiamondSoft Inc. and Artesia Technologies announced the integration of Diamondsoft’s Font Sense technology into the Artesia TEAMS Creative Client. Font Sense enhances the Artesia TEAMS digital asset management solution by identifying and recording critical information about fonts used in digital content, thus preventing workflow interruptions that may occur due to missing fonts or incorrect font usage. When ingesting files, the TEAMS Creative Client can now automatically extract and store the Font Sense identification provided by Font Reserve Server as metadata in TEAMS. If a user needs to reprint an asset — perhaps years after its creation — the correct fonts are always available via Font Reserve Server, eliminating wasted time spent searching for the correct font. Additionally, when assets must be sent to a third-party collaborator or partner, fonts can be collected and automatically attached to the content upon export from Artesia’s TEAMS.,

W3C Issues XPointer Recommendation

The World Wide Web Consortium released XPointer as a three-part W3C Recommendation. The “XPointer Framework” is an extensible system for identifying regions in XML documents which provides for multiple addressing schemes. The “element()” scheme allows basic addressing of XML elements in terms of a document’s tree structure. The “xmlns()” scheme is used to interpret namespace prefixes in scheme names and pointers.

MediaBin & SmartPath Partner

SmartPath Inc. announced a strategic partnership with MediaBin Inc. The integration of SmartPath’s MRM (Marketing Resource Management) solution with MediaBin’s DAM (Dogital Asset Management) solution provides comprehensive functionality to support production and project management initiatives for all marketing activities. This integration will offer large marketing organizations the capabilities they need to speed marketing campaigns and product launches while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.,

WebWare Introduces ActiveMedia Access

WebWare Corporation announced the introduction of WebWare ActiveMedia Access, an enterprise-ready digital asset management system for under $50,000. ActiveMedia Access is engineered for the enterprise but designed for the needs of the workgroup. It enables enterprise workgroups, creative agencies, video post-production facilities, and similar environments to create a digital library for rich media: key graphics, layouts, illustrations, slide presentations, and video. ActiveMedia Access is built on the web services-based ActiveMedia 4 content management engine. ActiveMedia Access lets project managers assign sophisticated business rules to a company’s digital assets at the workgroup level without the need for database administrators or outside professional services. It also allows authorized users to access, approve, track, audit, and transform product and marketing content instantly and securely over the Internet. ActiveMedia Access runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 and SQL Server, or Sun Solaris. It is available as both an installed software solution or a fully hosted service.

Xerox Licenses Dralasoft Workflow for DocuShare

Dralasoft announced that Xerox Corporation has licensed Dralasoft Workflow for inclusion into DocuShare, Xeroxs Web-based document and content management software. By embedding Dralasoft Workflow engine into DocuShare, Xerox can help its DocuShare customers route documents more efficiently across their enterprises through workflows built with modeling tools that automate and map customer business processes. As a document repository, DocuShare keeps critical information safe, yet easy to access. Users can store any file type, including office documents, images, media files and graphics. As a content management system, it updates and manages the content of a Web site. As a collaborative project management system, it enables users to organize, manage and share all of a projects information. Its Java-based DocuShare platform will enable third parties to develop custom workflow applications through Dralasoft Workflow. DocuShare runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris systems. Dralasoft products provide the capability to integrate workflow technology into Java-based systems using Java, XML, SOAP, LDAP, HTTP and JDBC.,

Convera Launches Taxonomy Developer Program with 10 Partners

Convera announced that it has certified ten partners as part of its new Taxonomy Developer Certification Program. Under the program, Convera trains and certifies IT and knowledge management professionals in the development and deployment of custom taxonomies and classifications using Converas new RetrievalWare Categorization and Dynamic Classification product. Participants who completed the five-day certification program include Access Innovations, Advanced Technology Systems (ATS), Bleuphish, Creative Technology Inc., IBM Italia, KAPS Group LLC, Mitre, MZM Inc., SRA International Inc., and Veridian Engineering. Certified Taxonomy Developers will serve as consultants and service providers to assist Convera customers in understanding their information management needs, organizing their information in a way that best serves their objectives, and developing well-tuned taxonomies for use with Convera software. Certified Taxonomy Developers also will have the opportunity to market cartridges that they have developed within the Convera customer base as pre-built taxonomies.

BackWeb Enhances ProactivePortal Server

BackWeb Technologies announced Version 3 of its ProactivePortal Server offering. The new product release enables mobile professionals to not only access their portal offline, but also update portal data while they are disconnected from the network. The BackWeb ProactivePortal Server integrates with portal frameworks to enable offline interaction with critical content and applications with essentially the same personalized user experience that occurs online. ProactivePortal Server v3 delivers a two-way synchronization capability that enables end users to fill and submit portal-based forms while disconnected from the network. Once the user reconnects online, the forms are synchronized up to the BackWeb ProactivePortal Server and applied to through the portal to the underlying applications. This ensures all updated and altered information is automatically stored and synchronized. BackWeb ProactivePortal Server v3 is available immediately and can be purchased through SAP, IBM and BackWeb.

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