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Day: March 3, 2003

iUpload & WebPartz Merge

iUpload, a provider of content management services is merging with WebPartz, a provider of hosted e-business component applications. The new company will transact business under the iUpload brand, and expand its service to manage content from staff, application and visitor-generated. WebPartz and iUpload form an ASP delivering content management services across all categories. iUpload adds tools from WebPartz to manage content from applications and web site visitors. These functions include online surveys, e-mail marketing, newsletter publishing, site wide search and wireless applications. The new company provides these functions as “partz,” allowing marketing departments to elevate a brochure-ware web presence to an e-Business site by blending partz into a solution that best meets their needs. The content management function will serve as the interface to the other partz, so instead of four or five separate applications, the iUpload interface is the hub for using the other partz.,

WindFire Announces Virtual Repository Management Technology

WindFire Technology announced the availability of its virtual repository management (VRM) technology which allows IT organizations to view, access and manage both structured and unstructured enterprise information as though they were in a single repository. As a core component of WindFire’s Xtorm Data ServerT, the VRM technology allows data access and integration across disparate
repositories including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, legacy (mainframe) platforms, proprietary platforms and file systems. Designed to be highly scalable and secure, the Xtorm Data Server can be used to tie information together regardless of the data type, location, or application source. The Xtorm Data Server is a central component of WindFire’s enterprise information management (EIM) offering which includes enterprise content management, business process management and virtual repository management applications. Developed on a J2EE, XML and Unicode foundation, the integrated suite is designed to be embedded into existing business applications, thus it is targeted to system integrators, ISVs and in-house IT developers.

RealObjects Releases JavaBean SDK

RealObjects released their new JavaBean SDK. The SDK enables Developers to embellish their applications with the same rich-text WYSIWYG XHTML/XML editing functionality as the new edit-on Pro. This Bean is easily integratable into AWT- or Swing-based Java applications, and is compatible with existing server platforms. It empowers web developers to expand their applications to build distributed object-oriented business applications using documented APIs, combine the SDK with components from different vendors, and apply reusable code. One edit-on JavaBean SDK license is required per developer. A developer may use the license on multiple machines as long as they are not used concurrently nor used by another developer. There are no run-time royalty fees. The licensee is granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the JavaBean SDK for the purpose of creating and redistributing the Application Program(s). A single Developer License is 7,500 Euros), 5 Developer Licenses are 25,000 Euros. Volume pricing available upon request.

DataMirror Announces “Go Live for $55K”

DataMirror announced a special data integration solution package aimed at small and medium sized businesses – “Go Live for $55K.” Comprised of DataMirror LiveIntegration software, implementation, training, maintenance and support, this complete data integration solution empowers companies to integrate their incompatible systems and databases in order to achieve real-time, enterprise-wide data flows. This offering for $55,000 (USD) is only available until April 30th, 2003. DataMirror’s family of LiveIntegration software – including Transformation Server, DB/XML Transform, Constellar Hub, LiveConnector and iDeliver-lets companies bridge the gap between disparate systems, applications and relational databases. Prices may vary based on local currency and services. Special terms and conditions apply.

CrownPeak Adds EmailLabs’ Email Solution to Advantage CMS

CrownPeak Technology unveiled AdvantageMail, a complete email campaign solution that provides customers with interface components for rich media email creation, publishing, and management, all incorporated into CrownPeak’s Advantage CMS. The AdvantageMail system draws on a partnership with EmailLabs, a provider of advanced email marketing technology solutions. Like CrownPeak, EmailLabs follows the Software-as-Service (SaS) model. CrownPeak’s AdvantageMail system enables customers to integrate Website workflow with both email and site content. Advantage CMS customers can easily create, design, and publish an email. Simultaneously, the system can automatically update the site, create a customized landing page or even automatically create an updated archive of the newsletter listing. CrownPeak customers can manage their email campaigns from the Advantage CMS interface. Users can run their rich-media email through workflow like any other document. When ready to publish, the system automatically feeds the HTML, text and AOL-friendly versions directly into an EmailLabs system for distribution and tracking.,

Progressive Information Technologies & Rockley Group Form Partnership

Progressive Information Technologies announced a new partnership with The Rockley Group. Progressive and The Rockley Group will work together in an educational forum to be able to offer organizations the best content management solutions possible for their publishing needs. Vasont 8.0, Progressive’s content management system for cross-media publishing, solves the challenge of repurposing content across all media – print, Web, CD-ROM and wireless channels – while ensuring enterprise-wide content integrity.,

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