Soholaunch, Inc. announced the release of the Soholaunch Site Management Tool (SMT) version 4.5. SMT 4.5 now runs on Microsoft NT as well as Linux. Additional features include Multi-User Access, a Web Form Builder and a Photo Album. SMT 4.5 is a stand-alone, thin-client website development application that creates and manages database-driven websites through a “drag and drop” browser interface. The program, written in PHP and supporting name-based or IP environments, requires a mySQL database and installs on servers running Linux or Microsoft NT. The product has eight integrated business modules: Page Editor, Shopping Cart, Secure Login System, Custom Forms Management, MySQL Database Table Manager, eNewsletter System, Event Calendar and Site Statistics. The Soholaunch Site Management Tool is available immediately. The MSRP of the SMT Pro is $799 and the SMT Lite is $199.