SAQQARA Systems, Inc. announced the release of SAQQARA CommerceSuite 4.5 with support for Quark and XML. CommerceSuite 4.5 provides a collaborative content authoring and publishing platform that supports multiple publishing vehicles to allow suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and industry exchanges to leverage product content across multiple mediums. CommerceSuite 4.5 includes Web Services to facilitate integration with enterprise applications. CommerceSuite 4.5 integration to Quark Express via XML export enables the publishing from one database repository to all media. A custom XSLT simplifies mapping the XSD’s to destination structures — tagging the catalog data with names that are familiar to a customers’ QuarkXPress team. CommerceSuite 4.5 uses XML to distribute and re-use content from the enterprise repository, and has expanded the ability to get data into and out of the master catalog by providing XML export of the entire product contents of the web catalog. SAQQARA CommerceSuite 4.5 is available immediately. Special upgrade pricing and maintenance agreements are available.