Percussion Software and Buystream announced a partnership to combine their content management and web analytics solutions. Rhythmyx customers will now be able to manage their content efficiently while measuring its effectiveness. The advantage to this integration is providing the line-of-business users, rather than the technical users, with the statistics to make sure the right content is delivered to the proper audience. Armed with statistics on the meaningful content, Rhythmyx customers will be able to make the appropriate changes quickly using Rhythmyx’ Active Assembly, a graphical layout tool for arranging content without technical assistance. Buystream Perspective is built specifically for integration into content management systems. The template-driven structure of content management systems makes it easy to integrate Buystream’s data-tag technology. Buystream’s data collection technology, data tagging, automatically inherits information such as “author,” “title,” and “date” from each template. Buystream Perspective can then produce reports that enable business managers, content contributors and editors to understand how effective the content is in context of their business processes and desired outcomes.,