IXIASOFT announced the public availability of the beta version for the IXIASOFT Integration Kit for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. IXIASOFT will make available the Integration Kit for TEXTML server. The integration enables Content Management Server 2002 developers and system integrators to deploy sites that take advantage of TEXTML Server’s XML search technology. Combined with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002, which produces and publishes XML content natively, TEXTML Server accelerates the development of XML search capabilities. The integration kit consists of .NET Composite Controls that can be dragged and dropped from the Visual Studio .NET toolbox into a Content Management Server 2002 site being developed. These customizable controls will enable developers to provide search and sort functionalities on postings based on the content of placeholders, properties and custom properties. The Integration Kit is available for developers and system integrators from the IXIASOFT website. The IXIASOFT support team is available to offer assistance for the installation and configuration of the Kit and explain its functionality. www.ixiasoft.com