Interwoven Inc. has released MetaTagger 3.5. MetaTagger is now a stand-alone product that can be used in conjunction with Interwoven TeamSite content management software. MetaTagger 3.5 now enables businesses to extend the benefit of metadata to any repository. Content management systems, document archives, file servers, and databases can all be processed through MetaTagger’s out-of-box capabilities and API. Interwoven introduces the MetaTagger Studio as part of the MetaTagger 3.5 platform. The Studio simplifies the development of enterprise taxonomies by providing a systematic, process-driven approach for discovering, editing, testing, refining, and promoting taxonomies and thesauri. MetaTagger now supports over 150 different file formats, and can extract document properties from Microsoft Office to preserve existing metadata and process media formats such as TIFF and MP3. Customers can use industry taxonomies in finance, hi-tech manfacturing, health care and medical, government, energy and industrial, and general business. Additional vertical market vocabularies can be imported from industry sources. MetaTagger 3.5 is available immediately and supports French, German, Spanish, and Italian.