Interwoven, Inc. has been issued a U.S. Patent for its “System and Method for Website Development,” the core technology within its content management product, Interwoven TeamSite software. Patent (#6505212) describes Interwoven’s method of using branches, workareas, staging areas, and editions to develop and manage content and all revisions. This patent includes 13 claims covering, among other things: A system for asset management comprised of multiple workareas, each configured to maintain a virtual copy of content as it would appear when published; A staging area; Branches and sub-branches (for different projects or initiatives) that contain individual workareas, staging areas, and editions; The use of a hierarchical file system and an object repository for representing and hosting content and its structure; Virtualization of all content regardless of location as well as Web and application servers; And the combined concepts of file history, versioning, comparison, and merging as it relates to content, provide an archive of all individual changes as well as collections of changes so they can be versioned and audited.