IBM announced new software designed to help customers access, integrate and analyze all forms of information across and beyond the enterprise. The new integration software allows businesses to access and integrate both structured and unstructured information, as if it were stored in one place, including XML, email, multi-media, Web Services, and competitive data sources such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The new software offerings, the DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information Integrator for Content, are the first products available to customers based on IBM’s Xperanto project. The DB2 Information Integrator is tailored to the SQL-based developer community and the DB2 Information Integrator for Content supports a content management programming model. While both offerings provide federated access across both structured and unstructured data, each has tailored features that support the programming model of the developer community they support. DB2 Information Integrator software provides rich XML support both for accessing and integrating XML documents as data sources and generating XML documents as a query result. The new software is also tightly integrated with IBM’s WebSphere Business Integration software. The DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information Integrator for Content are currently available in beta for customers.