Entopia, Inc. unveiled Entopia K-Bus, a software platform that connects the information, people and resources of an organization through a multi-faceted metadata layer that is transparent to end-users. The result is relevant information — on demand — that considers not only the semantic value of content and information, but also the social activity around it and its organizational context. Coupled with enterprise repositories, applications and business processes, and built on J2EE architecture, the K-Bus solution builds knowledge assets out of existing content while information continues to reside in its original repositories such as file shares, email servers, Quantum (Entopia’s content management and collaboration suite), document management repositories, the intranet, the extranet and the Internet. The K-Bus enterprise knowledge infrastructure (EKI) automatically creates intelligent metadata by 1) semantically indexing content and data; 2) tracking the context, popularity and social activity surrounding this data in real-time; and 3) adding organizational and personal context. This metadata is the key to the “knowledge” available in the enterprise and. Entopia K-Bus is currently in beta testing. General availability of Entopia K-Bus will begin in May 2003. www.entopia.com