Corel Corporation announced the availability of Corel XMetaL 4. Corel XMetaL 4 is a new platform that extends XML content editing to virtually any Windows application, including email and Web browsers. The Corel XMetaL 4 platform provides customizable XML editing solutions that support dynamic validation for both DTDs and W3C Schemas. Corel XMetaL Author is a customizable XML editing environment that makes it easy to create valid and well-formed XML documents. Corel XMetaL for ActiveX is an editing interface that developers can embed into any ActiveX-compliant Windows application, including Web browsers. Corel XMetaL Developer is a centralized development environment for creating Corel XMetaL customizations and applications. Designed as plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Corel XMetaL 4 Developer also lets developers create and edit Cascading Style Sheets (CCS) and includes the Corel XMetaL Forms Toolkit. Corel XMetaL Central provides a server-based XML environment management tool that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of customized XML applications across an organization. Corel XMetaL 4 is now available through the Corel Licensing Program. Base Pricing ($US) before volume discounts is as follows: Corel XMetaL Developer Full $999, Upgrade $599; Corel XMetaL Author Full $499, Upgrade $199; and Corel XMetaL for ActiveX Full $499, Upgrade $199 (alternative concurrent pricing options also available).