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Day: February 11, 2003

InStranet Delivers Content Automation for Contact Centers

InStranet, Inc., provider of Content-Based Applications for the Enterprise, announced the release of its new Contact Centers In-Line Application, an enterprise software application designed to automate the content-rich processes of creating, distributing, monitoring, evaluating and managing product and support documents for contact centers. Using a content engine in combination with user-profile security rules, CCIL automatically filters agent content access based on customizable factors such as: job title, market focus, product specialty, contact center site, awareness level, training rating and language. With CCIL, critical documents and content can be found quickly using the integrated search capability. Furthermore, documents can be segmented using an algorithm to ensure that content is “smart” and provides an agent exactly the right information at the right time. CCIL is easily linked to CRM systems and other business channels through InStranets J2EE-based applications exchange infrastructure.

iMakeNews Launches Blogging Service for Businesses

iMakeNews announced the launch of its Weblog management or ‘blogging’ service, DirectBlog. The new service enables businesses to harness the power of Weblogs, which provide untapped channels for e-marketing, knowledge management, sales and collaborative communications. Through DirectBlog, organizations will be able to publish and e-mail customized and personalized Weblogs to segmented groups. DirectBlog will be available to companies and iMakeNews’ reseller network in April 2003. DirectBlog provides iMakeNews customers and channel partners with all of the technical abilities of a ‘blog, along with the features and flexibility of iMakeNews’ e-marketing services. Individuals already using the firm’s Web-based content management, design, subscription management, data analysis, and other tools can extend their application to ‘blogging. Through a single user interface, they can create, maintain and e-mail ‘blogs on a “one-to-one” basis.

ThomasTech Partners with Documentum

Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc. has entered into a partnership agreement with Documentum. ThomasTech builds content management and publishing solutions for industrial manufacturers and commercial publishers. The company will integrate Documentum’s software, along with other applications, into the end-to-end technology solutions it provides to clients worldwide. ThomasTech is one of a few Documentum partners offering data conversion and pre-press services, thus providing a complete range of content management capabilities to clients.

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