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Day: February 3, 2003

MetaMatrix Announces OEM Deal with SAP

MetaMatrix announced an OEM agreement with SAP AG to embed the MetaMatrix Server within SAP NetWeaver, SAP’s new Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA). This alliance will enable SAP customers to integrate information from enterprise information sources, business applications, databases, and SAP solutions and to present an enterprise-wide view of real-time information. The MetaMatrix integration technology provides a single point of information access for applications, Web Services, and portals. The MetaMatrix Server enables data to remain in its original format and location, allowing organizations to use existing assets in new ways, such as exposing the data through Web Services and sharing it across the enterprise. Instead of creating a new database or data stage to support a call center, for example, the call center application can gain access through the MetaMatrix Server to an integrated view of information from many different, incompatible systems.

IBM Announces DB2 Information Integrator for Content

IBM announced new software designed to help customers access, integrate and analyze all forms of information across and beyond the enterprise. The new integration software allows businesses to access and integrate both structured and unstructured information, as if it were stored in one place, including XML, email, multi-media, Web Services, and competitive data sources such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The new software offerings, the DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information Integrator for Content, are the first products available to customers based on IBM’s Xperanto project. The DB2 Information Integrator is tailored to the SQL-based developer community and the DB2 Information Integrator for Content supports a content management programming model. While both offerings provide federated access across both structured and unstructured data, each has tailored features that support the programming model of the developer community they support. DB2 Information Integrator software provides rich XML support both for accessing and integrating XML documents as data sources and generating XML documents as a query result. The new software is also tightly integrated with IBM’s WebSphere Business Integration software. The DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information Integrator for Content are currently available in beta for customers.

Software AG Introduces PowerLynX

Software AG, Inc. announced the availability of PowerLynX, an interactive client communications management solution. PowerLynX enables organizations such as financial institutions and government agencies to create, customize, send and manage electronic communications with clients. PowerLynX uses XML to transform static documents into interactive communications that can be created dynamically and distributed through email, Web portals, wireless devices and any other existing channels. PowerLynX presents a consolidated view of client communications, even though the content of the communications might have been drawn from different systems throughout the organization. Organizations can track client responses, as well as determine the cost of communicating with each client through multiple channels. PowerLynX combines modifiable document templates with database content and distribution list information to create personalized interactive documents that can be sent over the Internet. PowerLynX is based upon XML and Web Services, integrates with existing security systems, and incorporates current encryption and authentication technologies. PowerLynX for Windows is available now. A UNIX-based version is planned for delivery later in 2003.

FatWire to Integrate DocuComp Comparison Technology

FatWire Software announced a technology integration partnership with Advanced Software, Inc. (ASI). FatWire will offer ASI’s DocuComp feature with FatWire’s UpdateEngine dCM software. Docucomp’s comparison technology provides FatWire clients with new features to enhance the content management process. DocuComp, best known as the “compare documents” feature in Microsoft Word, will provide FatWire’s enterprise customers the ability to simplify content review, localization and approval processes involved with authoring and publishing Web content. The DocuComp comparison engine uses sophisticated pattern matching techniques to compare any two versions of a file, reporting inserted, deleted, replaced and even moved text.,

Interwoven Releases MetaTagger 3.5

Interwoven Inc. has released MetaTagger 3.5. MetaTagger is now a stand-alone product that can be used in conjunction with Interwoven TeamSite content management software. MetaTagger 3.5 now enables businesses to extend the benefit of metadata to any repository. Content management systems, document archives, file servers, and databases can all be processed through MetaTagger’s out-of-box capabilities and API. Interwoven introduces the MetaTagger Studio as part of the MetaTagger 3.5 platform. The Studio simplifies the development of enterprise taxonomies by providing a systematic, process-driven approach for discovering, editing, testing, refining, and promoting taxonomies and thesauri. MetaTagger now supports over 150 different file formats, and can extract document properties from Microsoft Office to preserve existing metadata and process media formats such as TIFF and MP3. Customers can use industry taxonomies in finance, hi-tech manfacturing, health care and medical, government, energy and industrial, and general business. Additional vertical market vocabularies can be imported from industry sources. MetaTagger 3.5 is available immediately and supports French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

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