Workshare announced the release of Workshare Metawall 1.5. Workshare Metawall 1.5 contains features that provide protection of a firm’s documents. This release gives users the ability to restrict confidential documents from being emailed externally through Microsoft Office. Users can tag documents as “No Restriction,” “External Restriction,” or “Full Restriction” depending on the nature and level of confidentiality of their contents. The new version of the product also contains enhancements to the product’s metadata cleansing capabilities. Workshare Metawall 1.5 gives users the ability to clean multiple documents simultaneously. Another new feature allows users to receive a summary report of the metadata contained in their documents before actually cleaning them. Users then have the option of choosing which pieces of metadata they would like removed from the document. Future versions of Workshare Metawall will give users the ability to tag Microsoft Office documents so that they are restricted from being sent externally until the proper approvals have been obtained. Upcoming features will also deal with the reintegration of the documents back into the document management system (DMS).