CambridgeDocs announced the xDoc Converter, a tool for migrating unstructured content from legacy sources, including Microsoft Word, HTML, and Adobe PDF documents into any XML schema (XSD) or DTD. The xDoc Converter is a dedicated platform and IDE specifically designed to help businesses transform pre-existing unstructured HTML and Microsoft Word documents into “meaningful” XML, such as DocBook XML, LegalXML, NewsML, HR-XML, SCORM, and other customer-specific schemas. The resulting XML can be used for content management, multi-channel publishing, and syndication via Web Services. The xDoc Converter allows ordinary programmers or IT personnel to create a set of generic “conversion” rules through the use of a point-and-click interface. The xDoc Converter is a Java 2 platform with a .NET interface, and it works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. In addition to its point-and-click interface, the xDoc Converter has in-depth reference manuals and product tutorials, and example rules for converting documents into DocBook XML. The application can be downloaded for immediate evaluation and purchase from