Autonomy Corporation plc announced the release of the Autonomy Eduction module. The Autonomy Eduction module automatically analyzes unstructured text and extracts pertinent information in order to form complex metadata. Autonomy’s automatic technology, which underpins the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) into which the new Eduction module fits, removes the manually intensive process of creating complex metadata and produces it in real time. Autonomy provides the ability to intelligently extract relevant information from unstructured data based on a conceptual understanding of the item rather than relying solely on noun phrase methods. With Autonomy’s technology, a business can channel all manner of information such as phone numbers, URLs, interest rates and serial numbers contained in unstructured file formats into any location or database based on the type of information it is. Autonomy’s Eduction module can be customized to organize new information via user defined rules in the plain tagging process, through concept-value tagging which uses predefined models to train by example or through a combination of both methods.