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Day: January 26, 2003

XAware Announces Partnerships

XAware, Inc. announced partnerships with eight application server, data access, XML editor and e-commerce channel vendors. XAware’s application server partners are BEA, IBM, Sun and JBOSS. XAware leverages the common services of these application server partners by providing reusable XML-views of disparate data sources. For software vendors, businesses or IT shops that don’t use application servers within their application stacks, XAware can run as a component to add interoperability, XML integration and Web services to packaged applications or custom applications. XAware, through its embeddable integration components, offers an approach to data integration and an alternative to EAI solutions and custom development. XAware’s application, database and information access partners include Attunity and Insevo. These allow the XAware iServer integration engine to talk to ERP, CRM, SCM, financial and other packaged applications. XAware’s XML editor partner is Altova.

Fios Adds Concept-Based Searching to Discovery Tool

Fios, Inc. unveiled upgrades to Prevail. With this upgrade Fios will offer concept-based searching capabilities. The new upgrades will be available for client use by the middle of March. Fios’ Prevail is a Web-based tool designed to help legal teams manage, search and produce vast amounts of electronic evidence. The concept-based search technology is being added to Prevail via Fios’ licensing partnership with Engenium, Corp., developer of the intelligent concept-based search technology called Semetric. Prevail is hosted by Fios and requires no client site setup or configuration. The only system requirements for Fios’ clients are Internet Explorer 5.5 and Windows 98. Pricing is based on a per-megabyte basis, thus costs don’t vary based on the number of users accessing Prevail, nor the amount of time they spend online.

Workshare Releases Workshare Metawall 1.5

Workshare announced the release of Workshare Metawall 1.5. Workshare Metawall 1.5 contains features that provide protection of a firm’s documents. This release gives users the ability to restrict confidential documents from being emailed externally through Microsoft Office. Users can tag documents as “No Restriction,” “External Restriction,” or “Full Restriction” depending on the nature and level of confidentiality of their contents. The new version of the product also contains enhancements to the product’s metadata cleansing capabilities. Workshare Metawall 1.5 gives users the ability to clean multiple documents simultaneously. Another new feature allows users to receive a summary report of the metadata contained in their documents before actually cleaning them. Users then have the option of choosing which pieces of metadata they would like removed from the document. Future versions of Workshare Metawall will give users the ability to tag Microsoft Office documents so that they are restricted from being sent externally until the proper approvals have been obtained. Upcoming features will also deal with the reintegration of the documents back into the document management system (DMS).

Vignette Announces Availability of Vignette V7 Content Management Suites

Vignette Corp. announced general availability of Vignette Content Management Group Suite and Vignette Content Management Business Suite. Vignette Content Management Group Suite and Vignette Content Management Business Suite are prebuilt, configurable content management applications designed to reduce the time and resources required to build and deploy scalable Web sites and portals. Vignette V7 offers packaged content management best practices for improved collaboration and information sharing inside and outside any organization or department. The Vignette V7 family of products will be available in three application suites: Vignette Content Management Group Suite; Vignette Content Management Business Suite; and Vignette Content Management Enterprise Suite. Vignette Content Management Enterprise Suite is scheduled to be shipped in the second quarter of 2003. Licensing costs begin at $125,000.

WebWare Introduces ActiveMedia 4 Digital Asset Management Software

WebWare Corporation announced the debut of WebWare ActiveMedia 4, a major upgrade of its digital asset management software (formerly WebWare MAMBO). ActiveMedia 4, a web services-based digital asset management system, allows companies to easily integrate a rich media repository with other enterprise applications built on BEA’s WebLogic or IBM’s WebSphere systems. Its new user interface, One-Click Access (OCA) enables the creation of business-specific interfaces that can be tailored to individual users, departments or projects. WebWare ActiveMedia can be used as a stand-alone media asset management system or integrated with existing enterprise content management software (ECM) such as Interwoven’s TeamSite. ActiveMedia can be installed locally or hosted at WebWare’s secure data center. The new release is backward-compatible with WebWare 3.X systems and is currently shipping.

Ektron Adds Features to Content Management Solutions

Ektron unveiled features that enhance flexibility and scalability of Ektron CMS200 and Ektron CMS300, including new support for Microsoft Active Directory and new load balancing functionality. Organizations using Ektron’s technology can manage users and user groups from Microsoft Active Directory to save time and enhance security via centralized user administration and single-point authentication. With Ektron’s load balancing support, site assets (images, files, etc.) are uploaded to an Ektron-specific default directory, and to additional folders or servers according to load balance requirements. Active Directory and load balancing features are available in enterprise editions of the newly released version 3.1 of Ektron CMS200 and CMS300. Ektron CMS200 and CMS300 (enterprise priced at US$12,999 and $19,999 respectively) run on Microsoft Windows servers.

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