Primus Knowledge Solutions released Primus Answer Engine version 3.0 with new capabilities for answering customer questions in Web self-service and assisted service environments. Answer Engine 3.0 enables companies to take advantage of valuable content that already exists in disparate corporate databases and document repositories by consolidating access with self-service search. Answer Engine uses proprietary natural language search technology to deliver precise answers to incoming questions without forcing businesses to build or maintain complex taxonomies. When a user types a question in natural language, the Answer Engine analyzes the usage context, parts of speech, and other language characteristics to match the question to available content, and returns the correct answer with the relevant text highlighted inside the document. The software can deliver information from 225 document formats, including Lotus Notes, ODBC-compliant databases, and legacy systems. Answer Engine 3.0 runs as a standalone technology or in conjunction with Primus eServer. Answer Engine 3.0 is Web Services-based, built on J2EE, and will support deployment on Windows or Solaris. The Answer Engine operates in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.