X-Hive Corporation announced the release of version 4 of X-Hive/DB, its native XML database designed for software developers who need to process and store XML data in their applications. X-Hive/DB 4 offers performance improvements through the use of a new storage model for documents and indexes. Version 4 of X-Hive/DB also contains a new mechanism for live full text indexing of element and attribute values. The full text indexes can be used within XQuery to decrease the query execution time. X-Hive/DB 4 continues to offer the features of previous X-Hive/DB versions including a versatile and developer-friendly API, transaction mechanism, versioning, complete support for open standards, interfaces to third-party XML tools and J2EE connectivity. X-Hive/DB 4 is now available on Windows, Linux and Solaris. A free 30-day evaluation license is available. www.x-hive.com