Pindar Systems announced the launch of Agility 2, adding new enterprise platform and application support, Java and Web ease-of-use features, and workflow/functionality enhancements to its multi-channel content management platform. New workflow enhancements include event-triggering on workflow state changes, auto-advance of ‘child’ states, defined ‘next states’, and extended auto-transition rules. New features include check-in and check-out for documents and digital media assets, new capabilities for automating the creation of complex tables, and automated Enterprise Java Beans functionality. Agility supports Adobe InDesign 2.0 and QuarkXpress. IBM’s WebSphere and BEA’s WebLogic application servers are supported as well as IBM’s DB2, Oracle 9i and MS SQL Server 2000. Agility 2.0 now runs on the UNIX AIX/Solaris platforms in addition to Microsoft Windows 2000. Agility 2’s object-based EDGE data management technology allows users to link objects, the basic building blocks of the data structure, into an infinite variety of taxonomies. Each object can include an unlimited number of attributes. Agility 2 will be available commercially in early January 2003.