Open Text Corporation announced it will extend the capabilities of its content integration platform, Livelink Doorways, to eRoom repositories and applications. The solution will give eRoom customers the ability to utilize eRoom and Livelink together, and allow users to access content and features in eRoom from Livelink. By supporting eRoom with Livelink Doorways, Livelink acts as a central point for enterprise content management and collaboration, while providing access to the data and elements residing in eRoom. Along with the new Doorways solution for eRoom, Open Text will also provide a set of conversion tools through its professional services organization to allow eRoom users to upgrade to Livelink and its collaborative capabilities. Livelink Doorways offers access to Documentum 4i and a variety of file systems, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX NFS and Oracle iFS. Open Text also plans to add connectors for Hummingbird DM and DOCS Open, Lotus Notes and Domino, and other repositories, as well as provide a means for partners and customers to develop connectors to their own unique repositories.