InStranet, Inc. announced the release of InStranet v3 Content Application Foundation (CAF). A new version of its content infrastructure technology. InStranets CAF offers built-in information exchange and transformation components, programming support with a new Java Bean interface, an enhanced software development kit, and portability support for multiple data bases and application servers. InStranets solutions apply the metaphor of business intelligence to organizing content. Just as BI applications sift through data based on descriptive categories, non-technical business users need to access structured and unstructured documents based upon several levels of metadata. With the introduction of InStranets v3 CAF, the company now provides a suite of tools called “Application Exchange” that enables enterprises to integrate InStranet with Document Management (DM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The newly offered InStranet SDK provides transparent access to all Java objects.