Percussion Software announced a technology integration partnership with Advanced Software, Inc. (ASI). Percussion will embed ASI’s DocuComp comparison engine into the next release of Rhythmyx Content Manager, expected in early 2003. DocuComp, best known as the popular “compare documents” feature in Microsoft Word, will enable Rhythmyx users to simplify the content review, localization and approval processes involved with authoring and publishing Web content. This will reduce the time needed to process content modifications and approvals as well as improve the workflow efforts of content creation teams. The DocuComp comparison engine uses sophisticated pattern matching techniques to compare any two versions of a file, reporting inserted, deleted, replaced and even moved text. ASI’s DocuComp comparison technology operates in cross-platform application environments and is accessible through a C, C++ or Java application programmer’s interface. Licensees can embed the DocuComp technology into any web-based enterprise application to compare HTML, XML or SGML.,