Autonomy Corporation plc announced the release of Autonomy’s Collaboration and Enterprise Networks (CEN). CEN makes it possible for organizations to capture, visualize and manage employee expertise and make knowledge available throughout the enterprise regardless of location. Autonomy’s software generates profiles implicitly and explicitly. As users interact with content, the system understands the concepts within the content and automatically develops a profile or adjusts it as the users work projects change. In addition, because Autonomy understands conceptually user profiles and content, it will link together employees that are working on similar projects even though it may not sound like they are doing related work. CEN allows enterprises to get an overview of what information they have, who is working on or using that information, and who the experts are on particular topics within the organization. CEN’s ability to profile network traffic through “mapping and visualization” (color-coded views of where information is located and how much is there) delivers a picture of activities on a daily basis.