Applied Semantics, Inc. launched AdSense, which dynamically generates advertisements comprised of conceptually relevant search terms and pay-for-performance search results targeted to real-time web content viewed by an online user. AdSense is powered by Applied Semantics’ CIRCA technology, a semantic engine that understands and extracts the key concepts on any web page. The foundation of CIRCA rests on the use of an ontology of millions of concepts and relationships between concepts, enabling it to ‘read’ any web page and build a profile of the key meanings on the page. CIRCA makes it possible to match the key concepts on any web page with the most relevant advertiser in real-time. AdSense crawls web pages, determines key meanings represented on the pages and selects the most effective pay-for-performance search terms. AdSense integrates into any online advertising media type and size, replacing existing advertising displays without the need to redesign or reformat web pages.