Easypress Technologies announced Atomik Roundtrip 1.0 — software to provide full, bi-directional XML support for QuarkXPress versions 4 and 5. Atomik Roundtrip will enable users to import XML into QuarkXPress and faithfully re-export it. With a single click, users can update the QuarkXPress document if the source XML document(s) change and update the source XML document(s) if the QuarkXPress document changes. XML content can be added to QuarkXPress documents through a drag and drop process or by using the Atomik Roundtrip Placeholder technology to import individual XML elements or collections of XML elements into predefined templates. A Documentum integrated version of Atomik Roundtrip will be available during the fourth Quarter of 2002. Direct support for other content management systems will follow. Product is expected to ship at the beginning of October 2002. The suggested retail price for a single user licence of Atomik Roundtrip 1.0 will be (pounds)3,495, $4,495 or (euros)5,662. The suggested retail price for a 10-user licence of Atomik Roundtrip 1.0 will be (pounds)9,950, $13,500 or (euros)16,119. www.easypress.com