Artesia Technologies unveiled TEAMS, version 4.4. The new version’s enhancements for collaboration and workflow are designed to redefine the definition of an asset through the inclusion of new information capturing the entire lifecycle of the asset. The core features of TEAMS 4.4 are newly integrated Asset-centric workflow capabilities that enhance the collaborative aspects of Artesias enterprise architecture for managing digital assets. This includes the ability to immediately determine where an asset has been used throughout its history, who has participated in its usage, review or licensing, and the nature of these projects or processes that have utilized the asset in one form or another. Organizations are able to eliminate the need for the separate, proprietary workflow tools associated with each production processes. By embedding many aspects of workflow within the asset itself, where it resides alongside other attributes governing format, rights and permissions, and other business information, TEAMS 4.4 can ensure that this information is readily available and actionable not only to the specific user and their co-workers.