Nimble Technology, Inc. announced the release of the Nimble Integration Suite 2.0. Nimble Integration Suite 2.0 provides both ODBC and XQuery access. Nimble’s software gives enterprises a tool to integrate and access multiple data sources, inside and outside the firewall, for real-time data integration and information sharing capability. The Nimble Integration Suite 2.0’s XQuery functionality enables enterprises to query disparate data sources using an XML standard query language. The Nimble Concordance Developer creates a framework to specify business rules and automate a process to reconcile differences in how various data sources represent the same things, such as persons, products and accounts. Version 2.0 includes more powerful and efficient matching techniques and enhanced concordance database management capabilities, including specialized support for Oracle. The Nimble IntegrationSuite can now integrate data from sources, such as corporate employee information systems that use LDAP. New support for Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel aid users in preparing reports of their data integration results.