Convera announced the availability of Visual RetrievalWare 5.0. Visual RetrievalWare 5.0 now features support for more than twenty of the most widely used image and video formats. New image formats supported include PCX, PNM, SGIRGB, TGA and XPM. TYS has been added to the list of supported video formats, which also includes AVI, FIT, MPEG2, PIT, QT and SMJ. Visual RetrievalWare 5.0 is now available on Darwin, FreeBSD and NetBSD platforms. Visual RetrievalWare can also run on Linux, Solaris and Windows. New APIs included in Visual RetrievalWare 5.0 are an Associative Memory API for memory management and Time Code conversion support for common frame representations such as microseconds, frames, NTSC and non-drop. System Performance Enhancements: New enhancements include MPEG decompression performance and image format support, added support for QuickTime 5 and an upgrade to Tcl/Tk 8.4a4. Visual RetrievalWare 5.0 features enhancements for automatic video clip indexing and fuzzy search.