Applied Semantics, Inc. announced the availability of Applied Semantics News Series, an integrated content processing solution developed specifically for today’s online and print publishers. Applied Semantics News Series provides content categorization, summarization, event identification, and concept tagging software that streamlines newswire, editorial, archiving, and syndication processes. The publishing-focused solution comes bundled with industry standard taxonomies such as International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) Subject Codes and SIC Codes and works with XML standards such as NITF, NewsML, ANPA, and PRISM. Applied Semantics News Series is powered by CIRCA Technology, a semantic engine that employs the use of an ontology, or database of millions of concepts and relationships between concepts, to read and assign meaning to any piece of unstructured content by building a profile of the key meanings residing on a page. The ontology covers millions of broad and deep concepts and terms and is compatible with the wide range of news content handled by publishers. Applied Semantics News Series is available for immediate shipment.